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What is Hong Kong Internet Forum


Hong Kong Internet Forum (HKIF) is a non-profit organisation representing the opinions and needs of Internet users in the local community. These opinions and needs are channelled to service providers, vendors, HKSAR Government, local, regional and global organisations and associations to influence their policies and strategies affecting the rights of local Internet users and their families, as well as their quality of life in the cyber world. 

HKIF was established by a team of professionals who have a common vision to strengthen the connection amongst the Hong Kong Internet users. Members of HKIF can exchange views and experiences through this forum. They can express their concerns and share solutions on issues related to the development and use of Internet for individuals and organizations in Hong Kong to meet their needs and objectives. Through this sharing, HKIF members will build up strong friendship among one another and a united front to influence the development of policies and strategies on use of Internet technologies and applications.

If you are an Internet user concerned with how future local legislations and global policies and development will affect your rights and lifestyle (as well as those of your family members) on the net, you will be most welcome to become our member.

Come and join us This is a good way to ensure that your views are heard, not only by the local organisations and HKSAR Government, but also by regional and global Internet organisations formulating global Internet policies and specifying the international technical standards for the future development of the Internet.

Latest news.....
  1. 2007.08.27 Oxford Internet Institute - Civil Society Practitioners Programme
  2. 2007.08.24 Finnish Schoolboy Fined for Posting Youtube Video of Teacher
  3. 2007.06.15 Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance
  4. 2007.05.08 Public Consultation on Review on Administration of .HK
  5. 2007.03.30 .XXX Application was rejected the second time by ICANN
  6. 2007.03.08 Chinese .HK Domain Name Officially Launched
  7. 2006.10.06 HKIF is a Certified At-large Structure of the ALAC of ICANN
  8. 2006.05.25 HKIF First Membership Drive
  9. 2006.02.28 Hong Kong Internet Forum was formed

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